I was born in Bauru, a small city in São Paulo, Brazil in 1993 and now am based between Buenos Aires (AR) and São Paulo (BR)
I’m an Audiovisual Designer and multidisciplinary visual artist seeking to integrate different disciplines and narratives into my work, mixing and rupturing them as we know it. 
As a Cinematographer, Photographer and artist, I have a passion for capturing memorable moments and to materialize ideas. 
My objective is to work in a position where I can utilize my skills to create stunning and meaningful visuals. 
Through my years of experience, I have honed my ability to understand and adapt to the needs of clients, while still maintaining my creative vision. 
My goal is to continue to develop my craft and provide exceptional work to any project or team I’m a part of.

For budgets, partnerships, collabs and other things, e-mail me, let's talk!
Thank you!